The Studio

History and Profile


The Monfroni sculpture studio began life in 1963 in Carrara, the historical city known for its world-famous, unique, white Statuario Marble.
Its founder, Luciano Monfroni, graduated from the Professional Institute of Marble in 1955 and after completing several years apprenticeship at the historical Berretta sculpture laboratory in Carrara, he became a marble master and expert and opened his own studio making sculptures to commission. Since then he has carried out many works all over the world and taken part in 2 international sculpture symposiums in Carrara, in 1982 and 1986, besides pursuing his own creative research.
Among his artworks are the portrait busts of Pope John Paul II (1981) and President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini (1985).

His son Michele, grew up absorbing the atmosphere of the sculpture studio, undertaking his first work at a very young age and then joining his father's atelier in 1993 to collaborate with him on numerous projects. Being in close contact with marble and above all having a passion for the ancient art of sculpture, led him to follow the same career path as his father and create his own works of Modern Art.

Monfroni's sculpture studio is today a point of reference for many contemporary artists all over the world, who either commission works to be made from sketches and photographs, or carry them out themselves at the atelier where space and tools are placed at their disposal.


50 years since Monfroni Art Studio foundation (1963 - 2013)